Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Litigation For The Injured

A serious head injury is a life changer for anyone. In many cases, a car accident, a fall or a sports injury sends an injured person to the emergency room followed up by hospitalization, therapy and recuperation time at home. Medical bills mount up quickly, on top of other unwelcome outcomes such as physical pain and a dramatic disruption of life as usual.

If you or a loved one has suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI), you naturally want to get the best medical care available. You also need skillful legal representation in order to recover damages from a negligent party or parties and/or insurance carrier(s). A brain injury lawyer who is also a board certified neurosurgeon, Dr. Aaron Filler in Santa Monica is uniquely positioned to advocate for you before claims adjusters, judges and juries with authority and persuasion.

In the past, even in the setting of a severe concussion, it was often hard to prove in court that a person actually was suffering from memory losses and cognitive impairments. Now – with Diffusion Tensor Imaging – it is often possible to locate, visualize and prove the injury.

Tensor Law PC – in cooperation with the Neurography Institute – offers Diffusion Tensor Imaging of the brain in a 3Tesla MRI scanner. The analysis and interpretation can be performed on a medical basis by Dr. Filler through his medical practice. However, Tensor Law PC can perform the DTI study and maintain the results as privileged and confidential when Aaron Filler, is retained as the injured person's attorney.

Personal Injury Lawyer For The Injured — Co-Counsel For Other Personal Injury Attorneys With Brain Injury Clients

A severe brain injury may leave a person in a coma or an otherwise altered state for an extended period of time. Less severe brain injuries may not affect a person visibly, but life is rarely the same in the aftermath. Lasting effects may range from overt physical disabilities and/or slurred speech to less visible consequences, such as difficulty concentrating, sleep disruptions, memory problems, seizures and headaches.

As a knowledgeable attorney for personal injury claims, Dr. Aaron Filler is available to initiate or take over litigation involving brain injuries for people of various degrees of severity. Clients can rest assured that Tensor Law will fully document their cases as Dr. Filler prepares to argue on their behalf in settlement negotiations, mediation or at trial.

Dr. Filler can also serve as co-counsel in cooperation with other lawyers, bringing an uncommon level of knowledge of brain injuries to the table. He can help clients and their attorneys determine the direction a head injury case should take.

Expert Witness For Brain Injury Litigation

Dr. Filler is also available to serve as an expert witness in traumatic brain injury (TBI) litigation. His background as the inventor of diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) is a powerful asset, which also enhances his effectiveness as a plaintiff's lawyer in brain injury cases.

When A Brain Injury Case Requires Both Medical Expertise And Litigation Proficiency

Dr. Filler's uncommon combination of medical knowledge and accomplishments as an attorney and expert witness make him a preferred resource for plaintiffs in head injury, spine injury and nerve injury claims and lawsuits. From law offices in Santa Monica, he serves clients throughout California and beyond. Schedule a consultation by calling 888-374-3832 or sending an email through this website.