Spine, Nerve And Brain Surgery Malpractice Litigation

Traumatic incidents such as car accidents, falls and gun violence are well-known causes of spine, nerve and brain injuries. However, traumas such as these are not the only causes of spine, nerve and brain injuries. Serious injuries of these types sometimes result from medical errors, such as when:

  • A spine surgeon operates on the wrong site, or causes paralysis of the patient
  • A brain surgeon makes an error that injures a part of the brain that should not have been put at risk during a surgery
  • A patient having surgery for a spine problem in one location, awakens from surgery with a nerve injury in a different part of the body
  • An orthopedic, plastic surgery or gynecological procedure results in a nerve injury

Patients who have suffered serious consequences of medical mistakes and medical negligence also need treatment and representation from the most highly qualified physicians and attorneys. Dr. Aaron Filler, a cutting-edge medical researcher as well as a skilled plaintiff's lawyer, is a valuable resource for injured people facing spine, nerve or brain surgery malpractice litigation.

Often, the first step in evaluating an undesirable outcome from a medical treatment is to have a medical expert such as Aaron Filler, Esq., evaluate the medical record in detail. The purpose of the evaluation is to determine exactly what happened and to develop an opinion as to whether the problem is an unfortunate but unavoidable complication that cannot be successfully litigated in court. Or – on the other hand – to find signs of action below the standard of care that are negligent and likely to form the basis of a strong medical malpractice case. Because Dr. Filler also has extensive experience in the defense of doctors who have been sued for malpractice, he has the critical necessary understanding of both sides of any case.

Tensor Law PC in Santa Monica, California, represents patients who have suffered because of spine, nerve and brain surgery malpractice. Dr. Aaron Filler, a well-known West Los Angeles-area neurosurgeon, is the sole practitioner attorney of this firm. In addition to his skilled advocacy for the injured, his uncommonly diverse background in medical malpractice litigation helps make him a credible, sought-after expert witness in medical malpractice litigation focusing on spine, nerve and brain surgery.

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