Nerve Injury Litigation

Help For Plaintiffs In Nerve Injury Cases

Nerve injuries bring pain, suffering and great expenses. However, since nerve injuries generally are invisible on X-rays and standard MRI scans, many injured individuals have had a difficult time proving their case in court. All this has changed with the advent of Magnetic Resonance Neurography – an advanced technique capable of showing and proving nerve injuries. People who have suffered serious nerve injuries often bring well-founded claims and lawsuits against negligent parties, including motorists, property owners and medical providers. Aaron Filler, physician and attorney in Santa Monica, California, brings an uncommon combination of medical and legal knowledge to the high-stakes challenge of litigation focusing on nerve injuries.

As You Look For A Personal Injury Advocate, Consider Neurosurgeon And Attorney Aaron Filler's Unique Background And Qualifications

Physician and litigator Aaron Filler is widely recognized for his knowledge and accomplishments in the areas of nerve pain, nerve damage and nerve injuries. He has authored textbooks including Oxford University Press's "Do You Really Need Back Surgery? A Surgeon's Guide to Neck and Back Pain and How to Choose Your Treatment."

His research interests and medical technology innovations have included development and implementation of magnetic resonance neurography: the imaging of nerves through the use of magnetic resonance equipment.

Dr. Filler is the director of the Institute for Nerve Medicine and of the Neurography Institute. Both medical practices that operate out of Santa Monica, California, which is also the home of his law firm, Tensor Law PC.

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Dr. Filler's extensive experience enables him to explain clearly to clients and their families all aspects of their nerve injuries and related legal actions. Schedule a consultation by contacting Tensor Law PC at 888-374-3832 or by email through this website.