Personal Injury Representation: Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI), Spine Injuries And Nerve Injuries

For Plaintiffs In Personal Injury Claims And Lawsuits

As a personal injury lawyer and a neurosurgeon, Dr. Aaron Filler's background and experience relevant to personal injury claims involving personal injuries, including:

He can represent clients injured in traumatic incidents such as car accidents as well as medical patients injured through surgery malpractice.

A Plaintiff's Attorney With Experience Providing IMEs In Personal Injury Cases

The vast majority of personal injury lawyers seek to support their clients' cases with evidence provided by physicians through independent medical examinations (IMEs). Attorney Aaron Filler's understanding of the role and substance of IMEs in his legal clients' cases is greatly enhanced by his extensive experience performing such examinations as a physician over several decades.

An Advocate For The Injured, Who Is the Inventor of the DTI Technology Used In Lawsuits Nationwide

Some of the most critical evidence in a spine, brain or nerve damage case may come through application of cutting-edge medical technology, such as diffusion tensor imaging (DTI), increasingly in demand throughout the U.S. to support brain injury cases. Attorney Aaron Filler, as the inventor of DTI, is uniquely positioned to prepare compelling cases.

With this storehouse of knowledge, Dr. Filler is well-prepared to evaluate and skillfully incorporate evidence obtained through reports issued by IMEs, DTI and neurography in his injured clients' cases. This in-depth medical background along with his legal education and experience have equipped him for highly nuanced personal injury litigation.

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From its Southern California base, Tensor Law PC provides personal injury representation throughout the state and nationwide, particularly in cases involving spine, brain and nerve injuries.

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