Aaron Filler, MD, PhD, FRCS, JD, Expert Witness For Markman Hearings

As a medical technology inventor, a patent holder and an attorney with extensive knowledge of patent law, Dr. Aaron Filler has been called upon to serve as an expert witness for Markman hearings in litigation protecting or challenging an inventors' patents.

Claim Construction In Markman Hearings

In Markman hearings, a court must clarify the definitions of terms of a patent and a patent claim, including the scope of the patent claim. This process of claim construction can be burdensome for patent holders, patent law attorneys and judges hearing claims — particularly when scientific principles undergird the relevant definitions.

Attorney Aaron Filler's Qualifications And Experience Relevant To Patent Claims And Markman Hearings

Dr. Filler's in-depth knowledge and experience in a wide array of areas of medical technology, neuroscience and biochemistry are the basis of his suitability for testifying as an expert witness in Markman hearings when patents involve complex, scientifically advanced products. His knowledge and experience in patent litigation have prepared him to interpret and navigate the critical claim construction issues that constitute the testimony required for a Markman hearing.

How To Prepare For A Markman Hearing

Santa Monica-based attorney and patent holder Aaron Filler can advise clients and their lawyers on what to expect in a Markman hearing, how to prepare or respond to briefs explaining an invention and how to position one's evidence and arguments to maximize chances of a favorable resolution by summary judgment or by settlement.

Patent Expert Witness— Contact Attorney Aaron Filler At Tensor Law PC

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