California Attorney, Expert Witness Advises And Assists With Daubert Challenges

As an experienced expert witness, attorney and physician Aaron Filler has abundant knowledge and skills that are often of service to other attorneys, plaintiffs (or defendants) and expert witnesses. In particular, he often advises other expert witnesses, lawyers and parties to lawsuits with respect to Daubert-type challenges. Dr. Filler is specifically adept at helping lawyers or their clients overcome Daubert challenges involving neuroscience and related technologies.

When Daubert Challenges Question The Admissibility Of Scientific Evidence, An Expert Witness With Direct Knowledge Of The Technology In Question Is Invaluable

As the principle medical innovator in the area of digital tensor imaging (DTI) and a recognized authority in the area of neurography, Dr. Filler is particularly well-qualified to counter Daubert challenges that question:

  • Whether a theory expressed in expert testimony has been tested
  • Whether it has been subject to peer review
  • What the known or expected rate of error is
  • Whether the medical technology in question is generally accepted in the relevant scientific community

Credible Before Any Judge In The Areas Of DTI, Neurography And Related Areas

Few — if any — other expert witnesses testifying about DTI, neurography, image guidance – or any other area of neurological medicine and surgery have the depth of firsthand knowledge that Aaron Filler brings to the table in cases supported by evidence obtained through these diagnostic technologies. When judges need to verify Dr. Filler's qualification as an expert witness, his impressive background and track record — both in medical and legal aspects — speak loud and clear.

How Will A Judge Or Jury Challenge The Evidence In Your Case?

Be prepared — and ready to respond in your best interests or in support of your client's neurological injury case. Contact Tensor Law PC in Santa Monica, serving throughout California and nationwide.