Spine, Nerve And Brain Expert Witness

It is not surprising that Dr. Aaron G. Filler is in great demand as an expert witness for court cases involving nerve injuries and neurosurgery, considering his unusual array of noteworthy qualifications, including as a present or former:

  • Director of the Institute for Nerve Medicine in Santa Monica
  • Director of the Center for Advanced Spinal Neurosurgery
  • Medical director of the Neurography Institute
  • Teaching fellow and course founder of "Biomechanics & Comparative Primate Anatomy" at Harvard University
  • Member of the Joint Guidelines Committee of the American Association of Neurological Surgery & Congress of Neurological Surgery
  • Harvard University PhD graduate
  • Neurological imaging technology innovator
  • Inventor of DTI – Diffusion Tensor Imaging – for imaging brain tract injuries
  • Prolific author and speaker

What stands out about Dr. Filler's qualifications is an uncommon combination of legal knowledge and medical accomplishments. His successes in medical treatment, research and innovation have made him an expert witness in demand.

His clinical and research interests have included inquiries into brain mapping and the imaging of nerve injuries. He was recently elected the 13th president of the Society for Brain Mapping and Therapeutics and was awarded the 2016 Pioneer in Medicine Award. These qualifications and years of medical training and practice at major medical centers and research institutes have given him the in-depth knowledge and practical experience that many in the legal profession expect of an expert witness.

As an attorney, his readiness to provide advice to attorneys involved in plaintiff and defense in personal injury cases as well as to judges and others involved in critical legal matters is enhanced through his longtime experience as an expert witness with a clinical as well as a considerable medical research background.

Dr. Filler's experience as a neurosurgeon, researcher and innovator has encompassed areas such as head injury, spine injury, failed surgery, reparative surgery, nerve imaging and imaging for closed head injury. Based in Santa Monica, California, he serves as an expert witness in legal actions, including Daubert challenges, involving neurological aspects throughout the U.S. and beyond. He is well qualified to verify scientifically the reliability of DTI and neurography-generated evidence in personal injury claims.

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