About Aaron Filler, MD, PhD, FRCS, JD, And Tensor Law PC

Tensor Law PC in Santa Monica, California, is a litigation firm like no other because of the unique array of experience, skills and knowledge of Dr. Aaron G. Filler, sole practitioner lawyer of the firm. This diverse, authoritative background sets Dr. Filler apart as an attorney and expert witness. He is active and available to represent the injured and assist other attorneys by testifying in personal injury lawsuits involving injuries of nerves, spine or brain and other traumatic injuries as well.

Dr. Filler's long list of qualifications includes:

  • Neurosurgeon (Board Certified)
  • Section editor of the major textbook in neurosurgery
  • Harvard University PhD graduate and educator
  • President and director of professional organizations
  • Frequent presenter in medical and legal forums
  • Researcher and innovator
  • Inventor of diffusion tensor imaging (DTI), increasingly important in lawsuits nationwide involving brain injuries

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With a track record of accomplishments in diverse fields of endeavor, Dr. Filler is committed to discovering, applying and communicating knowledge and providing valuable services required by people who have suffered spine, brain or nerve injury, as well as lawyers handling complex nerve injury cases.

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