Attorney And Medical Expert On Spine, Brain And Nerve Injuries Invites Inquiries

Attorney, Author, Nationally And Internationally Acclaimed Medical Technology Inventor, Expert Witness

Dr. Filler's rich qualifications in medical, legal and technological fields translate to credibility on the witness stand as well as skillful advocacy in litigation. His medical knowledge relevant to injury litigation stands out in his roles as editor, author and director of medical practices: the Institute for Nerve Medicine and the Center for Advanced Spinal Neurosurgery. His extensive experience in the medical fields involved in many personal injury claims and lawsuits has helped make him an in-demand litigator and expert witness.

His in-depth medical knowledge enhances his law practice serving injured individuals. In addition, he has been in demand as a valuable asset for attorneys seeking evidence of brain and nerve injury – particularly where the evidence can be supported through diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) and magnetic resonance neurography.

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Inquire with Tensor Law PC in Santa Monica, California, to learn about the firm's services, including personal injury advocacy and expert witness services in relation to any area of neurological injury. He has particularly valued expertise related to evidence gathered through diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) and neurography which can prove an injury when routine imaging methods can't prove the case.

Individuals who have suffered traumatic injuries; attorneys handling plaintiff or defense personal injury or medical malpractice, and parties involved in patent litigation are all examples of who turns to Tensor Law with confidence. Call 888-374-3832 or email the firm through this website.